About Us

About Macrovet Bio Sciences

Macrovet Bio Sciences is a new company that manufactures Premium range of quality Nutritional supplements for Cattle and Poultry to ensure the animal health and benefit the farmers.

Our Vision

To Ensure animal health by providing selected range of high quality animal health products and inventing reliable solutions to common, on-farm challenges.

Our Mission

Profitability in businesses like cattle rearing and poultry depends largely upon the health of the livestock. The feed given to the livestock is one of the key factors in building its health. The feed must be nutritious enough to fulfill animal’s nutritional requirements and to build an immunity of the livestock so that it yields a sustainable production or performance across its productive age.

Keeping this concern in mind, Macrovet Bio Sciences Introduces MYCA & GIVA which is advanced formula addressing livestock nutrition which is enriched that help in better feed utility for the animals.

Our Core Values Are

Quality & Expertise

We understand that the quality of our products, our advice and our customer service is paramount to our success.


We believe in exhibiting integrity and ethics in every aspect of our brand. It is engrained in our family founded business practices. It is part of who we are.


In the same manner that we strive to elevate the standards of wellbeing for animals, we also strive to foster a fun, relaxed and collaborative atmosphere for our team. Wellbeing is at the core of all we do.

Fostering Relationships

We believe relationships provide the foundation for any successful brand. This company was built on them. It’s not just an ethical commitment, it’s part of our Overall strategy.

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Macrovet Bio Sciences

Corporate Office Address: Plot No 311/A, Road No 12, MLA Colony, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad,